Excel for Nigerian Professionals: Best Ten Websites to Master Microsoft excel for FREE

Using excel for personal finance

The Microsoft office suite is one of the most basic and useful IT skills a professional or a businessperson has to be conversant with.

It comprises of softwares like the MSWord, a word processor; MSPowerpoint, used for creating presentation slides; MSExcel and others.

MSExcel is a component of the suite that is used by various professionals like accountants, business analysts, bankers, investors, data analysts and of course for personal finance.

A sound knowledge of this software is a huge boost for your chance of getting a job or for career progression

Learning how to use common office software packages like excel makes a Nigerian graduate more employable.

Our research team found you these ten websites where you can acquire this high demand skill for free. Below are our top ten recommendations:

1. Improve your excel:

This website is easy to use and interactive. You get to Express your opinions and challenges in the comment section. It is beginner friendly too. The videos are of moderate sizes. Click here

2. Excel Exposure :

This is a place where you can learn excel for free with over 20 hours of video tutorials. It is highly organized with a lesson guide for a smooth learning curve. It has workbooks for evaluating your progression. Click here 

3. Microsoft excel help centre:

This is a simple training offered by Microsoft. Here, you will learn the basics of excel, like rows and columns, tables and charts, Formatting etc. Click here

4. Excel Central:

This is a site where you can learn the basics for free. It also offers several high quality excel ebooks for free download . It has four versions too, giving you options to choose a learning path for yourself. Click here

5. Chandoo:

This website offers you free tutorials on excel basics. However, you will have to subscribe for a paid version when you want to learn advanced excel skills. In addition to these, there is also a forum where you get to discuss your learning challenges with a helpful community. Click Here

6. Contextures:

If you want to become an “excel master”, this website should be your home. It offers free multimedia learning resources like books, audio and videos. You get to choose depending on your favourite medium of learning. It has a useful newsletter which you can subscribe to to learn the latest excel skills. Click Here

7. Mr. Excel:

This is a comprehensive website where you don’t just get to learn, but to also get the latest news about the program. You get to learn about the new updates to the software. It also has ebooks for download and an active YouTube channel. Click Here

8. Excel Hero:

This blog offers several hundred articles on learning excel. It also have tons of readymade downloadable workbooks . You can also learn how to create animated business charts. Interestingly you can also search for jobs requiring excel competence here. Click here

9. Excel Jet:

From this membership website, you can go from a beginner to a master. You can watch video tutorials here and read blog articles. Click here

10. Excel Easy:

This is a very good website to start from if you are an absolute beginner. It has a list based articles that sequentially explain the meaning of basic terms in excel. It explains what each part of the software signifies and the role it performs. Click here


Learning excel is an essential career skil. Investing your time in reading this article shows you already appreciate that.

We recommend that you explore these websites and choose one that suits your favourable way of learning, rather than splitting your efforts on too many online resources .

Do tell us about your experience with these websites in the comment section.

Using excel for personal finance

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