Top 5 Websites for Learning How to Create Amazing PowerPoint Slides for FREE

If you live in the 21st century, you’ll have to make presentations.

You can do that as an entrepreneur pitching his business to investors, an elevator pitch. To you then, it has become a medium for convincing financiers to buy into your idea.

A business executive has to create slides to explain a proposed cause of action to a board of directors.

Academics deliver lectures using PowerPoint. If you are still a student, you will occasionally have to use it to present seminars.

Just like MSExcel, it is a common office software used around the world. As a young Nigerian professional, you surely need to be comfortable using this program. It makes you more employable.

In fact, you can use it to document your personal thoughts and plans.

Sequel to our initial publication on free MSExcel courses, we also curated a list of websites and learning platforms that offer you an opportunity to learn this vital skill for free.

1. Skillshare: The lessons are well organized in sizeable chunks. You can take it sequentially building on what you already know. There are reviews by other students that give you insights on tour learning journey. You can also join discussions where you can get your questions answered. Sign Up Here

2. Udemy : This global e-learning giant is known for offering a wide range of quality courses at affordable rates.
In addition to that, it also offers free PowerPoint lectures. The lessons a bite-sized and you can learn at your own pace. It comes with downloadable pdf files to facilitate understanding.  Sign Up Here.

3. Alison: this course from Alison is perfect for you if you are an absolute beginners. It is straight to the point, of about 3-4 hours duration. It starts by explaining the basics of using the program like launching it, customizing it for personal use and choosing a template. You can also be awarded a certificate at the completion of the course. Sign up here

4. GCF global: Goodwill Community Foundation is a charitable organisation that works to make education accessible for everyone. You will find their excel course detailed, in a step wise manner. The lessons are easy to follow and include short articles, screenshots of the PowerPoint interface and video tutorials. Sign up here

5. Lynda(LinkedIn Learning): LinkedIn, a popular professional social media website offers free courses in her bid to democratize knowledge. The courses here are arranged according to difficulty depending on your current level of competence. You can start with the beginner, intermediate or the advanced course. Sign Up Here

Conclusion : Knowledge has become more accessible and affordable than ever. Take the opportunity these organisations offer to expand your skillset.

What was your experience using the websites like? Tell us in the comment section.

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