Top 7 Websites for Creating Business Presentations Apart from MSPowerPoint

You may already be good at using MSPowerPoint to create presentation slides.

It is also helpful to know how to use amazing alternatives to PowerPoint. Some have features that make you create visually engaging slides, which will help you retain your audience’s attention.

Most of these apps are free but they also come with paid premium packages which gives you access to more images and templates.

In addition to that, they are quite easy to learn and you don’t need to be a graphics design guru to create engaging slides.  All you have to do is to drag and drop

1.  Canva

This is a creative platform you can use to create slides. You can also use it to create social media posts, simple logos for your business or personal brand, banners and magazine covers.

It has a membership website where you sign up to use the app. They offer free 30 days trials, after which you can opt for the premium package. Go to Canva

2. Prezi

This software has been around since 2009 and has over 100 million customers. It promises to help you create designs more interesting than PowerPoint.

A big plus about Prezi is that it allows you to convert your PowerPoint Slides to Prezi without having to start from scratch. It offers you free trials. Go to Prezi

3. Google slides

A product of Google Inc., it allows you to create slides on your web browser without having to use any software.

You can use it to create bars, charts and tables.
It also offers you an option of saving your presentations on your Google drive.

You can switch between personal mode and business G Suite. The business suite allows your team to work together on slides and to cooperate while reviewing it. Go to Googe slides

4. Zoho

This offers a spectrum of office software which allows you to automate your business processes. A part of their software package is a spreadsheet

Their pricing is quite affordable relative to the value they offer. It ranges from about $8 per person per month to about $35. The package you purchase determines the features you can use. Go to Zoho

5. Focusky

This is a cross-platform software that you can use with any device. It allows you to add video, audio and hyperlink to your presentation. You can even make marvellous animations with it! This surges your audience engagement.

It has tons of free designer templates and built in characters to make your work easier. Or you can choose to build from scratch. Go to Focusky

6. MSSway

This is a component of the Microsoft Office Suite. You can run it on your web browser or on windows 10. You can drag and drop multimedia files on your presentation Go to MSSway

7. Keynote

This is a product of Apple Inc. You can use it to create beautiful slides on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. It has 30 interesting themes which makes your slides clean.

Like others, you can add photos, charts and equations which can make your message more understandable.  Go to Apple Keynote

Summarily, we commonly use MSPowerPoint to create slides but there are other amazing alternatives to explore!

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