THE BUSINESS DRIVER: HOW TO FILL THE BUS.(Recruiting Employees in Nigeria)

When Amos started his business one of the major challenges, he faced was getting the right passengers to occupy every seat in his bus.He was a good driver. He had a clear view and road map to navigate through and arrive at his destination but unfortunately for him, he could not go alone.He needed the right passengers to travel with.

If your business were a bus and you’re the driver; what steps would you take in getting the right passengers (employees) to join you to move the business to the desired destination?My Secret Memo to all Business Drivers – CEO, Founders, Managers, and the likes.

  1. Define the destination.

Recruiting does not begin with an academic requirement. There are quite a number of academically qualified individuals in different organisations contributing nothing. They really don’t know why they occupy such positions. Who to blame, the driver or passenger?

Tell us the reason for the business and where you are heading. Clarity breeds conviction. You can’t be convinced in confusion until you gain clarity. Engage your prospective employees through the job advert or any other means about WHY the business exists and WHERE you want to be in the next five, ten or twenty years.

  1. Present a unique Manifesto.

What are your personal core values or set of beliefs that reinforce the WHY and WHERE of your business? Are there personal experiences, dire needs in the marketplace or your better view of the world that are compelling you to embark on this business journey? What do you stand for?

  1. Define the Role of the particular seat.

State clearly the responsibilities and expectations of every specific seat on the bus. Understanding of specific responsibilities and expectations of a role helps in selecting a good fit. Responsibilities are what the employee needs to do and Expectations are measurements of results – the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

When people are cleared on what they are supposed to do, they work better. When People work better, business works better.4. State the RequirementsHaving intimated the prospective employees about the WHY, WHERE and WHAT of the business, the role and expectations of the position, it is time to state job requirements.

Your job requirement depends on the bar of excellence you have set for the company. If you employ candidates who have first-class in your company, the day you employ a person who has a third class to join your team, you will begin to have conflict.

The pattern of thoughts may be difficult to synchronise. The bar of excellence can not be compromised. There are A-Class, B-Class and C-Class employees, choose the class that best suits your business and nurture it.5. Search for the right and suitable attitude.

The interview process always presents an opportunity to know who the prospective employee would be. At this stage, most times candidates may not have all the skills required for the job. The main focus should be the attitude. Skills can be acquired through training.

Attitude is essential. It is the bedrock of every great career pursuit. An expert who finds it difficult to work with people and has no respect for the organisational structure will soon fade away regardless of his/her skillfulness.

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