How to Deal With Disappointments and Bounce Back

Today I received some depressing news that made me want to cry. All my hopes had been shattered, and I was back to square one.

Has that happened to you? Have you had your heart broken  by unmet expectations? Maybe your life doesn’t  seem to be going according to plan and right now and you feel broken. Perhaps you planned to have your life figured out by the age of 30, but you’re 31 now and still struggling.

Wait! Let’s take a minute to think about it.

Whose plan are you modelling your life after? Yours or God’s? So you feel disappointed, but did you go back to your father to ask him for his purpose in your pain? He always has a plan, and your pain is not wasted with him. 

As I sat in my little  corner of the world feeling  sorry for myself, my mum reminded me of those words. She reminded me that sometimes it’s  easy to yearn for something  that was entirely outside of God’s  will simply  because  you’re tired of waiting for God to act fast.

It is easy to get tired of waiting for God’s promise to be fulfilled, and honestly,  that’s where I was. She reminded  me  that God’s plan is perfect and unchanging. He knows what’s best and I have to trust him. Remember Abraham? God had promised him a son, and even though it took 25 years to be fulfilled, yet God’s timing was perfect.

I want to encourage you in just the same way. Even if it is  taking too long, wait. God is never late. His plan and timing are always perfect. When he does it, it will make perfect sense.

Remember, tough times don’t last forever, even the night will run out of the darkness after a while. Your morning is coming.

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